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About Us

I have the honor and blessing of being in business with my best friend.  Amy and I never thought we would be business owners but here we are.  Amy was an elementary school teacher and I was a Human Resource manager.  Serendipitous events brought us together and we are forever grateful. Here is our story.

It all started with a beanie baby.  I had an idea for a case to protect and display beanie babies during the beanie baby craze.  I had hoped to sell 100,000 of my cases and sold 1,200,000 my first year.  I quit my job as an HR Manager to run my exploding new business.  Once I realized the beanie craze was slowing down, I wanted to keep the plastics business going but couldn’t do it alone.  Amy and I joined forces and BBC Manufacturing was born.  

Buy Acrylic Displays is the factory web store for our manufacturing and distribution company; BBC Manufacturing.  Our warehouse and production facilities are located in California.  We have sales offices located in California and New York.   After we started BBC Manufacturing, the next best decision we made was asking Tonya to join our team.  Tonya is our “win” in our People Decision Category and you will meet her when you call our office.  We all have a passion for helping fellow businesses. Our goal is to be able to bring useful, innovative, and affordable displays to small businesses. We use our Core Purpose, "To lend a helping hand to everyone we meet", to guide us in growing and operating our business so we can meet our goals.   As part of our customer family you will discover:

  1. We are Gracious.  We lead with kindness, benevolence, and courtesy

  2. We are Generous.  We are grateful and unselfish and want to share opportunities with our customers.

  3. We are Flexible.  We want to help and we are willing to bend and change to fulfil our Core Purpose.

  4. We are Trustworthy.  We will do what we say.  When we encounter surprises, we will reach out to you and solve obstacles together.  

 Today we manufacture over 400 standard acrylic displays and countless custom items.  We are blessed to be able to work with our best friends everyday and we look forward to continuing to grow and innovate.  We welcome your comments and ideas so feel free to reach out to us at  



Kim & Amy